Talking Through Glass

This is where I ramble.


A Shortlist Of Things That Lil John Could Turn Down For

  1. Pulling up to a drive-thru window.
  2. His buddy in the car with him can’t hear a damn thing he’s saying.
  3. He’s having trouble hearing his GPS directions.
  4. Pulling up to a drive-thru window.
  5. Somebody’s “gotta take this call”.
  6. What.
  7. His significant other is trying to sleep.
  8. Noise curfew is 10 p.m.
  9. Hearing loss occurs at 85 dB.
  10. Humanity. This song is getting tired and so are our ears.

Haha this is the best analysis of this song that I’ve seen.

It took a second listen for me to like this.



(Source: aetv)


Just saying that this was awesome.